Our trained inspectors will locate and evaluate your On-Site Septic System. The result of our inspection will give you the necessary information you need prior to listing your home for sale.

If you are considering purchasing a home with an On-Site Septic System, you should always have the system inspected. Most lenders will require an inspection of the septic system prior to final mortgage approval. It is what you can't see that could become an issue. Many times older septic systems appear to be functioning satisfactorily for a small family of 3 or less people, only to show signs of failure shortly thereafter when a larger family moves in and water use increases.

Several different conditions can be determined once the inspection is completed. You will be given a written report explaining the type of system, location of the system and the overall condition. Based on our findings the conclusion will report if the On-Site Septic System is in Satisfactory Condition, Satisfactory with Concerns, Unsatisfactory or Needs Further Investigation. Sometimes only minor repairs need to be done to bring the overall condition up to Satisfactory.

If the property is vacant for more than seven days a hydraulic load test is required unless the results of the initial inspection are unsatisfactory. A hydraulic load test will simulate normal household water use, and the results will then be used to determine the overall condition. Septic inspections are extremely important to both sellers and buyers.

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