The first thing to do if you have a failed septic system or think you have a problem with your system is to contact a reputable contractor who will be able to ask the right questions. K.V. can help you. Take advantage of K.V.'S FREE SITE VISIT AND PRELIMINARY ESTIMATE. more

If you are considering listing your home for sale, and you FEEL your system is fine or SUSPECT you could have a hidden problem because of the age of the system, you should contact a reputable septic inspection company to evaluate the overall condition of your system prior to listing. THIS COULD BE THE BEST MONEY YOU EVER SPEND TO AVOID A BIG PROBLEM WITH A PROPOSED BUYER.. A complete inspection of what you can't see is most critical in determining if your septic system is working up to the capacity necessary for resale. Call or email K.V. Excavating, Wastewater Division to schedule an inspection. contact

When a septic system fails or just is not certifiable for resale, the process to correct the problem is really relatively easy. K.V. has a reputation for completing the process below in record time. However, it is always best to allow sufficient time.

  1. Call or email K.V. Excavating & Wastewater a reputable and insured contractor who knows septic. contact
  2. K.V. will help you make the arrangements to obtain necessary permits.
  3. Once the testing is completed, a written proposal will be supplied for your review.
  4. When the proposal is accepted by you, K.V. will then design and submit all the necessary paperwork for approval by your local governing authority.
  5. When the design is approved, and the permit issued, the system can then be installed.

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