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"I have known the people at K.V. Excavating for over seven years and through many projects. I've reviewed their septic system designs and inspected their septic system installations. The crew is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I've also contracted with them to provide soil testing services. They've always gone out of their way to accommodate my schedule and provide a helping hand on difficult sites."

Michael Lane
Walter B. Satterthwaite Associates, Inc.

"I have worked with the folks at K.V. Excavating since I got into the wastewater business. They have always been happy to help me out when I needed advice or a job done quickly. In my former role as a sewage enforcement officer for several municipalities in Delaware County, I reviewed K.V. designs and inspected their system installations. I have always considered their work excellent, and I believe they go out of their way to help their clients solve problems and take the stress out of difficult situations. When my clients ask me for a reliable contractor for septic systems or excavation work, I give them K.V.'s number."

Mark A. Bryan
PA Certified Sewage Enforcement Officer
Vollmer Associates

I have worked with the professionals at K.V. excavating on a variety of onlot wastewater treatment system projects. In each case, the existing system was under duress and failing. Finding solutions for problem systems is far more challenging than installing new systems on previously undeveloped sites and K.V. Excavating seems to have more than its "fair share" of these challenges. Consequently, K.V. has successfully resolved more of these challenges than other installers with which I am familiar.

There are no standard approaches to resolve problem systems; there is no magic box from which to pull out standard solutions. One of K.V.'s strengths is that they successfully think and work outside of the box. Indeed, their personnel are quite at home doing regularly the unexpected in a competent and professional manner.

Clearly, K.V. does not seek out challenging jobs; rather they seek K.V. when less qualified or less experienced firms decline the challenge.

If your challenge results in puzzled looks and blank stares, take it to K.V. where your project will be treated in a manner that makes the extraordinary seem ordinary.

Gilbert L. Longwell, Jr.
SEO 680
Meeting with Success - Onsite System Solutions

"We had an old system that failed as our family grew. KV Excavating came to the rescue, and installed a new system. Using their knowledge of the geology of my location, they informed me, upfront, that it might be difficult to find an area in the vicinity of the existing septic tank that would pass the percolation (perc) test. Fortunately they were able to find an area in my back yard that did pass the perc test.

KV was conscientious of the existing landscaping, when installing the system, and no one but myself (and KV) can see where the drain field was installed. They not only quickly came to the rescue when my system failed, but installed it expertly without disrupting the existing landscape."

William Scott
Upper Chichester


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